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Naruto RPG Online

NARUTO GAME is the most popular browser game of Naruto.
In the game you become a Ninja Student, and your mission is develop
your skills and make your way to become Kage

Ninja Calculator

Calculate points of your character

Below you have the possibility to test your character, fast and simply.
Choose your Class, level, clan, summon, seal, gates, mode sennin and distribute your points. After this, click in Calculate and check how your character can be.

  Attributes and Abilities

Class Character Level

//Distribute the Attributes ..........

 Ninjutsu +
 Taijutsu +
 Bukijutsu +
 Genjutsu +
 Agility +
 Seal +
 Strength +
 Energy +
 Intelligence +
 Resistance +

// Select Abilities .....




Mode Sennin

Choose an Ability

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