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Carlos Rodrigues da Rocha

Warms up - Round 34

Good afternoon people,

I don't know how your life is going, but mine is crazy due to the pace of my work and because of that I couldn't do things around here in the planned time, but today it took a little time and I'm here to share a little bit of everything that I'm doing.

I'm going to divide this news into several important parts, so read everything ok?

Game duration changes

We are going to reduce the duration of Round 34 to 60 days, the purpose of the change is to have a very busy 60 days and that the Round does not have that period of doldrums!

Game Rules Changes

- This next Round will be prohibited to split accounts (Two or more people access the same account). The punishment for this will be the character's permanent banishment.
- I will also be banning any player who takes advantage of any mechanism that makes their gameplay take advantage of the majority of the game. (Mouse macro, use of addon, abusing game programming errors and etc.)

The game has been around for over 13 years and we have always worked as honestly as possible with you (as much as some still doubt it) and we hope that you can be honest with the Game as well and with other players, therefore, we will not accept and banish people who have actions that make them have an advantage over others!

When in doubt about right or wrong, open a ticket and report it! Is this the CORRECT way, Blz?

Changes from Round 34

- The life points gained by the trained energy point has been nerfed.
- Players' health has increased in general, now more life is gained per level.
- Attack and defense attributes on equipment have been upgraded.
- Crit boost and soak stats on gear, talents and game formula have been nerfed
- Npcs above level 35 have been improved
- Improved equipment drops by rank (adjusted for higher ranks to get better rarity equips more easily)
- The piercing has been nerfed, to get 1% it is necessary to have 2 points of agility.
- Adjustment in Tsuru-Kame (Turned Genin rank weapon)
- Gunbai Adjustment (Turned Chunin rank weapon)
- Dropped weapon "Mizukage's Staff" had its cooldown value adjusted
- Dojo and map Npcs give less exp from level 15.
- Fixed the Visual Bug in Sennin Mode - Sennin of the Shinobi God
- Adjusted the objective exchange system, limiting 1 exchange per week.
- New vip perk that increases objective switching by 2 per week.
- Changed unlock requirement for Kiba - Shippuden ( Ninjutsu to Taijutsu )
- Uchiha, Inuzuka, Sabaku, Namikaze, Hoozuki, Shiro Heibi and Indra clans have been improved.
- Added Shippuden ending in story mode
- Added character release as a reward for some story mode arcs
- Updated font, color and size of our login captcha
- Chat has been updated and the blocked and profanity filter functions are reactivated.
- Lucky ninja prizes have been divided into tabs for better viewing.
- The map npcs now appear randomly on the world map and the player will need to hunt them by walking on the world map.
- Ranged weapons have been reworked and new powers have been added.

Round 34 Suggestions

You can still participate by adding any improvement suggestions that may have gone unnoticed! Tell us here in the comments!

Official Round or Test Round?

The changes aren't that drastic and I'd like to go straight to the Official Round! But what is your idea about it?



Comentário - by Matheus Alexsander Costa de Farias em 13/08/2022 às 15:07:03

Não faz sentido o round ter só 60 dias, porque não dá tempo para conquistar o prémio máximo do estudo ninja.